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Care from someone you love.

Who qualifies as a caretaker?
Why will Rock Care benefit you?
How will Rock Care Direct help you?

Rock Care's Consumer Directed Services allow family and friends of a love one to provide care for them just as one of our staff member's would. Just like our In-Home Services, caretakers create a plan unique to needs of those being taken care of. Rock Care Direct allows the caregivers to fulfill the client's needs, whether it be transportation, housekeeping, meal preparation, or companionship. The great part about Rock Care Direct is that caretakers can gain monetary compensation from just caring for their loved ones.


For caregivers, Rock Care Direct regulates the work relationship, provides income for the employee, and oversees taxes, among other things. For those receiving care, Rock Care Direct manages the business side of in-home care so you are worry-free.

Aside from allowing you to choose who you hire, Rock Care Directs allows you to choose how many caregivers you hire, how often they visit, and what services they provide. Rock Care gives you peace of mind by allowing you total control of your care.

Potential caretakers must pass the Family Care Safety registry background screening. Those who pass the screening are free to work for their loved one through Rock Care Direct.