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Rock Care Companies Main Office

105 S. Hope Street

Jackson MO  63755

Phone: 573-204-7620

Fax:  573-204-0222

Rock Care - Columbia

25 4th Street

Columbia MO  65201

Phone:  573-441-0718

Fax:  573-397-8545

Visit us at 105 S Hope Street, Jackson, MO, 63755. Use the map below to get directions.

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Call us at 1-573-204-7620. We can be reached between 8am and 4pm, Monday through Saturday.
Rock Care Companies

Rock Care - Sikeston

1817 East Malone

Sikeston MO  63801

Phone:  573-471-7777

Fax:  573-475-8477

Rock Care In Home   (IHS)

Kansas City

PO Box 468

Grandview MO  64030

Phone:  816-982-5722

Fax:  816-800-6192


Rock Care - (DMH) Kansas City

Grandview MO

Phone:  816-388-3447

Fax:  816-388-3464

In-Home Services, Consumer Directed Services & Mental Health Services.

Rock Care Assisted Living 

3130 E. Jackson Blvd.

Jackson MO  63755

Phone:  573-204-7622

Fax:  573-204-7624