Independent Supported Living

The goal of Rock Care Assisted Living is to help disabled adults live their lives as independently and as comfortably as possible in the comfort of their own home.

Assisted Living is for adults with mental or physical disabilities

who cannot live solely independently. 

Department of Mental Health

Rock Care Assisted Living is contracted through the Missouri Department of Mental Health. The volume and frequency of visits and services is determined by the Missouri Department of Mental Health on an individual basis.

In-Home Services, Consumer Directed Services & Mental Health Services.

Rock Care Companies
Why Rock Care Assisted Living?

Our certified staff of RNs and LPNs care for clients who need a little extra help than most. We even cater to those who still live with their parents but need our services to live a more comfortable, stress-free life. We treat our clients like family, which is why they receive the most loving, gentle care. 

Assisted Living

Independent Supported Living (ISL) is a section of Rock Care Assisted Living where we oversee 100% of our client's affairs. This includes scheduling doctors appointments, creating and applying a living budget (consisting of rent, groceries, utilities, etc.), as well as providing opportunities for the client to attend leisure activities in the community. ISL is for adults who cannot support themselves due to issues with mental health.